PaloSec Cyber Security is an Mozambican information security research and consulting firm of expert hackers. With many years of experience and industry-wide recognition, we are extremely capable.

Security Assessments

Applications, networks, and infrastructure are becoming increasingly more complex, and with that complexity comes great potential for security vulnerabilities. We work with your team to study your code and review your application, network infrastructure, and cryptography, eliminating vulnerabilities and securing it against hackers.

Reverse Engineering

We're experts at studying hardware or binary software and finding vulnerabilities, determining exploitation strategies, and producing detailed specifications on reverse engineered inter-workings.

Hardened Development

We work closely with you for developing software and hardware to fit your security requirements. We're well versed in implementing cryptographic solutions and employing defense-in-depth coding techniques.

Physical Security

Whether it's access control, lock picking, RFID, biometrics, social engineering, or sewer pipes, we're well equipped to penetrate and help secure your physical infrastructure, buildings, and sensitive offline facilities, as well as assess the full potential of an intruder.

Contact Us

PaloSec is currently accepting new clients, and we'd love to hear about your unique information security needs. Please don't hesitate to call or email us. Even if you're simply curious, we'd be more than happy to have a short phone call.